We offer you accommodations in our house located in Promajna at the Makarska Riviera, in southern Dalmatia.

Enjoy in hollidays

We are offering the following accommodations:


Double room

Double room with toilet, separate kitchen and balcony

Accomondation 2
Accomondation 5

Room for 3 persons

Room for three persons with toilet, separate kitchen, balcony, best for families with a small child

Accomondation 3
Accomondation 6


Rooms for 4 or 5 persons

Two rooms for four or five persons with two toilets, separate kitchen and a large terrace, best for families with two or three children

Accomondation Martina
Accomondation 1AB

Accomondation 4AB


Rent an entire floor

It is possible to rent an entire floor , 4 rooms with 4 toilets, a kitchen and a large terrace

Accomondation 1st floor